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We know “what’s up” in the labor market

In today’s dynamic market, finding the right talent is more crucial than ever. WORKFORCE Employment Specialists offers personalized staffing solutions that align with your business goals and industry demands. Like many industries, the recruiting marketplace is ever-changing. There have been recent technology changes that have impacted recruiting significantly. At WORKFORCE, we stay current by adapting our process as new tools become available. Our process is consistent and measurable. Our recruiters maintain key performance metrics so they can continually focus on process improvement. Our goal is to have the best recruiters in the industry.

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Save Loads of Time & Money on Recruiting

Our West Michigan marketplace knowledge helps us help you make the right hiring decisions for your West Michigan or Lakeshore company. We maintain the highest standards in the industry striving for a 100% fit. Our process is thorough and precise, allowing us to carefully screen applicants so as to provide you with only the most viable candidates to consider, saving you time and money in the recruiting process.

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions

From temporary staffing to permanent placements and everything in between, we provide a range of services to ensure your business has access to the skilled workforce it needs to thrive.

Well Supported Employees Do Better Work

Employees who feel that their employer values their work and supports them in the workplace are more productive and thrive in their jobs. Employers can achieve these results by providing resources they need and appreciate. Along with excellent compensation, career advancement, healthcare, and paid time off, employees also look for things like childcare support, educational opportunities, and mental health counseling. We can assist you in developing these benefits.

We Work Hard, Thanks to Stable Employees

Leveraging over 35 years of industry experience, we offer unmatched local insights, a robust talent network, and a commitment to quality that sets us apart. We are a leading employment recruiter thanks to the dedication and experience of our employees, many of whom have been with our team for years. Our recruiters maintain key performance metrics so they can continually focus on process improvement. Our goal is to have the best recruiters in the industry. 

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We’re Established with 4 local locations

We are West Michigan’s leading job recruiting company with 4 locations strategically placed across Holland, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, and Muskegon. You’ll find our offices in Holland, at the Grand Rapids Woodland Mall, in Wyoming, and in Norton Shores just south of Muskegon.

Supporting the local workforces

We support the workforces throughout West Michigan by not only providing the best job recruiting services for industrial, manufacturing, administrative & clerical positions, and skilled trades, we also offer the companies we work with a wealth of information and employee resources on mental health, Employee Assistance Programs, and more.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Begin your partnership with WORKFORCE Employment Specialists today. Discover how our tailored approach to staffing can transform your hiring strategy and drive business success. That way, we don’t waste your time by sending you candidates who aren’t equipped to fit the position you’re seeking to fill. Instead, we interview applicants thoroughly until we find the ideal candidate who can contribute to your company’s success right away.