Mission Statement

Team Teamwork conceptTo achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our number one commitment is to provide a world class service which enables our customers to reach their goals through our experience, integrity and values.

At WORKFORCE, we strive to find the right fit so you can concentrate on the real work of driving your company forward.

We tailor each search on key factors that are unique to your company and processes. Our goal is to provide your company a competitive edge by providing you outstanding human capital that will prove to be a great return on investment.

Paper doll team holding handsLike many industries, the recruiting marketplace is ever-changing. There have been recent technology changes that have impacted recruiting significantly. At WORKFORCE, we stay current by adapting our process as new tools become available. Our process is consistent and measurable. Our recruiters maintain key performance metrics so they can continually focus on process improvement. Our goal is to have the best recruiters in the industry.

Your company’s productivity and competitive advantage are on the line.

Hands pointing workforceAt WORKFORCE, we know that it is critical to ensure our ‘time to start’ is as short as possible yet this must be obtained without sacrificing the ‘quality of the hire.’ These two goals can be at odds if a process is not carefully managed. Some recruiting firms only send people who are already in their files for the sake of speed without looking for the best fit. We work smarter, balancing the two objectives. We do this by conducting reference checks, background checks and screening out anyone that does not meet your requirements.

We maintain the highest standards in the industry striving for a 100% fit. This is possible because we keep the communication lines with you open letting you know where we are, what struggles we may be having and what viable candidates you may want to consider. Our marketplace knowledge helps us help you make decisions.