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Role and Responsibilities
  1. Helps the pack lead assign daily positions to the production employees
  2. Assists with production breaks
  3. Assists the lead with all case labels and pallet labels that need to be printed
  4. Helps verify product codes and correct label codes on the cases
  5. Assists with LOTO during cleans and helps lead the cleans 
  6. Assists with notifying the warehouse of materials needed
  7. Helps manage the waste tracking for the shift
  8. Set up lines with proper equipment for production
  9. Develop new staff through training processes 
  10. Participate in daily sensory auditing with the production team 
  11. Review schedule and prepare for any change overs
  12. Make sure lines are running at optimal speeds
  13. Work with quality team to make sure product meets customer expectations
*Job duties include any additional functions or directions given by superiors. 
Qualifications and Education Requirements
Preferred Skills
  1. Strong leadership skills
  2. Works well under pressure
  3. Meets time requirements
Additional Notes
Food Safety Responsibilities: To help ensure all personnel and equipment GMPs are in proper order and being followed. To report anything that cannot be corrected by immediate team members to appropriate supervisor and/or management staff for follow-up. 
Job Description will grow and change as business directs so the company stays competitive 
Positional Back Up: In case of absents of pack lead, the assistant pack lead will be taking the that role.